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Warrior Society Development, LLC is Jim Warne's consulting firm in San Diego. CA. Established in 2004, WSD, LLC was created based on balance with the focus of finding success. Incorporating the Native American Medicine Wheel Philosophy, WSD provides a best practice model for direction.
Jim E Warne
Founder & President
Native American Motivational Speaker Keynote Address

Jim's goal was to run his own business utilizing the teachings from his Oglala Lakota (Sioux) heritage. He learned to use the Medicine Wheel Philosophy in his youth and incorporates this belief in current life experience. Jim retired after 22 years as an administrator at San Diego State University Interwork Institute.    


Jim is contracted with various organizations, universities, corporations, federal state and Native American governments. Jim has experience in Professional Football, Film Production, Acting and Advocacy through his role as an Educator.

Organizational and Program Development

Jim has written over 40 million in grants and contracts for Tribal Nations, universities, organizations and cooperative intergovernmental partnerships. Department of Ed, Rehab Services Administration grants at SDSU Interwork Institute. WSD is contracted to write grants and program development training.


Trainings include: Employment Network development, External Program Evaluations, Team Building, Time Management and Workforce Leadership.


Jim has travelled the world and has work experience in Mexico, Spain, England, Canada and Guam.  HIs personal experience adds to his message of success and empowerment through his lectures throughout the world.


Jim's passion is Education, Empowerment and Indian Country.  He has worked with over 150 Native American Tribal Nations and Alaska Native Villages.  Jim  has presented at several universities, museums and organizations providing diversity, team building and leadership training.

WSD Youth Division Continuing Education

Jim works with young people through positive reinforcement and coaching. He stresses Native American Tribal culture, language and applications for success.


His model for balance and direction is applied at life skills camps, graduation ceremonies and other events focused on future leaders and agents of change. Jim shares that his short professional football career was a great experience, but his education and culture made a difference for his future and professional life.  

Experience Life... Be Prepared... Set Goals... Live your Dreams...

Jim’s dreams and goals included a college education, playing professional football, Hollywood Actor and movie producer, creating inovative programs for Indian Country and owning his own business.  Using the model of success he was taught by elders and traditional educators, Jim was able to live his dreams.  He earned a BS from Arizona State University, an MS from San Diego State University, drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals; acted in several movies and TV shows, wrote and produced an award winning documentary film.  He continues to live his dream by working with people and organizations sharing his vision for success and balance.

  Jim Warne and Tom Berenger                                                              BS, ASU 1987 and MS, SDSU 1993                                                                 Rose Bowl Champions 1987

 "The Substitute" Orion Pictures                                                             Drafted by Cincinnati Bengals 1987                                                                   Hula Bowl All-Star 1987        Screen Actors Guild (SAG)                          American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame, Inducted 2004, Lawrence, KS                   NFL Draft - World League/

 Featured "Invisible Man" & "Hunter"     Produced and Wrote Award Winning Documentary Film, "7th Generation"           NFL Europe - Arena League

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