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"7th Generation" Press Release

Please see the "7th Generation" Press Kit below for Screenings, Awards and Press Articles

WSD Productions is proud to announce that "7th Generation" is available to stream on xfinity Cable and Amazon Prime Video!!!


"7th Generation" 2019 Awards included: Best Documentary at the Carole International Film Festival in Carole, Italy May 11, 2019; Best Science and Educational Film, Nice International Film Festival in the French Riviera May 18, 2019; Best Feature Documentary, Central States Indie FanFilmFest in the Quad Cities Illinois, May 31, 2019; Winner Best Documentary, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival at the historic Raleigh Studios CA, June 16, 2019; Best Short Documentary, West Europe International Film Festival in Brussels, Belgium Aug 24, 2019.

"7th Generation" 2018 Awards included: Best Producer and Socially Consious Film at the Culture & Diversity Film Festival in Sonoma County, CA September 29, 2018; Best 1st Time Producer at the Oniros Film Awards in Aosta, Italy June Monthly Awards; Best Documentary Film at the People's Film Festival in Harlem, New York June 3, 2018; Best Indigenous Film and Best of FLIC at the Flathead Lake International Cinemafest in Polson, Montana January 27, 2018 and the Grand Jury Award at the California Film Awards January 5, 2018.

We were also honored with the Humanitarian Award of Distinction from the IndieFest Film Awards, February 8, 2017 and the Documentary Feature Award of Recognition at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival September 2017 and Best Documentary Feature at the Los Angeles Film & Script Festival November 4, 2017.

"7th Generation" was also a WINNER of the Inspiration Award from the Cinema on the Bayou, Louisiana, January 27, 2016 and the Best Documentary Feature from the Los Angeles Cinema Fest of Hollywood Film Festival, April 8, 2016 and the Award of Excellence from the IndieFest Film Awards, May 25, 2016.

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Testimonials "7th Generation"


“Jim Warne is a true role model; not only for our Native American youth, but for all those who have the privilege of knowing him.  Jim’s motivational speeches and historic films on Native identity are life changing.”  ~ Dr. Anthony Fairbanks Superintendent Oglala Lakota County School District 65-1 

"A film that should be watched by all, inspirational and moving to the core. I learned so much and wish to know more."   Divinely Inspirational and Moving!  5 Star Review March 22, 2019  Amazon Prime Video

I had the privilege of listening to Jim Warne speak at a conference. His efforts to lift up his people and honor and preserve his heritage are inspiring and admirable. This film was presented as a component of his talk. I was deeply moved. The story that is told is a hard one, but one that should be told and should not be forgotten. Everyone should see this, especially those of us in America who walk in the footprints of this history. ~ 5.0 out of 5 stars Watch this Film!  June 14, 2018  Amazon Prime Video

“...This is an excellent overview of a barbaric episode in US history - the massacre of over 200 Indian women, children, infants and elders at Wounded Knee... How that and subsequent treatment of Indian youth in boarding schools led to a lot of shame... And how the current generation is working to recover their language and their pride. "To have everything, you must give it all away." Very worth watching!” ~ Top customer reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars  May 19, 2018  Amazon Prime Video


“Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival proudly presented the Louisiana Premiere of 7th GENERATION at our 11th annual film festival this past January. As we expected, our audiences were engaged and moved by this important film. We were especially delighted that filmmaker Jim Warne was able to attend our festival and the film screening. His presence and insightful comments made the screening even more special and provoked strong emotions and tears among the audience. Jim and his film were so well received that the film was awarded our prized Inspiration Award. Jim Warne and 7th GENERATION are indeed inspiring!” ~ Rebecca Hudsmith and Pat Mire, COTBFF Co-Directors.


“7th Generation is an illuminating and important glimpse into the hardships and sacrifices of our native peoples and a fascinating look at Black Elk's prophecy that healing and change is immanent - lead by today's native youth. Congratulations again!  We most sincerely wish you much luck with this important film.” ~ IndieFEST Film Awards.  Winner IndieFEST Award of Excellence

"Jim Warne’s film sends a message to our youth who are the 7th Generation and honors our Tribal elders who held onto the wisdom for future generations and are sharing it with the 7th generation.  The film generates PRIDE within Indian country as well as opens minds of the non-native community. A must see documentary for everyone." ~ Cline Griggs, White Mountain Apache Tribal Council 2010-2014

"The American Indian Studies Program at Arizona State University screened Jim Warne’s award winning documentary entitled 7th Generation.  Those in attendance left the room empowered by the film’s message that it is possible for Indians to overcome the harmful effects of historical trauma and work to revitalize their languages and cultures.  Every American should see this film.  Congratulations for winning those well deserved awards and enriching our lives."  ~ James Riding In, PhD, Interim Director, American Indian Studies, Arizona State University


“Jim has been a guest lecturer for my students on several occasions.  The students always learn new perspectives from a native view.  Films like ‘7th Generation’ should be included in our curriculum.  I feel that more topics like the message from Jim’s film should be taught at all levels.  We included 7th Generation in our film festival due to the elders stories, untold history and positive outlook for the future of our nation, our youth, the 7th Generation.” ~ Joely Proudfit, Ph.D., Director California Indian Culture & Sovereignty Center; Chair, American Indian Studies, California State University San Marcos; California’s American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival


“We are excited to have such a talent like Jim Warne join us at the symposium… This amazing and powerful film is a must-see for all South Dakotans.” ~ Wendy Parent- Johnson, Executive Director for the Center for Disabilities in University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine

“The 7th Generation is a powerful documentary. At times it is difficult to watch and imagine the challenges and the treatment of Native Americans during our history. During this time of significant challenges to the core values of our American society, there are strong lessons to be learned from viewing the 7th Generation. Jim Warne and his colleagues present the issues and the illustrations of Native American life in past decades and present a view of a positive future through the youth of the 7th Generation. As noted by Mr. Warne, I hope there will be a Native American President in our future. This is an important documentary for all of us.” ~ Fred R. McFarlane, Ph.D.Professor EmeritusDepartment of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education and the Interwork Institute, San Diego State University

“The Heard Museum screened the documentary film, 7th Generation, on November 27, 2015 to a maximum capacity crowd. Afterwards, the audience expressed their connections to the film’s subject and theme.  They commented positively how the film brilliantly displayed a conversation that has been overlooked on our quest for justice and liberty for all Americans.” ~ Marcus Monenerkit, Heard Museum Curator, Phoenix, AZ

“As a former professional athlete and current community relations coordinator for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League I had an opportunity to work with Mr. Jim Warne on a youth football camp. His charismatic good nature and knowledgeable teachings exemplify the kind of values and purpose any of us seeking to leave a legacy will certainly be drawn towards.

I have also had the pleasure of viewing his film the 7th Generation. As a fellow documentarian with a focus on diversity myself, I was both moved and astounded by some of the themes in this incredibly powerful film. I would recommend Mr. Warne's services to anyone looking to create a culture of inclusiveness taught by a man that embodies a Warriors Ethos."  ~ John Williams, Grey Cup Champion, Canadian Football League, Hamilton Ticats Community Relations Coordinator and Documentarian

"Jim Warne is the perfect man to put this project on film.  He has shown a great aptitude in his abilities to show the facts in an artistic and meaningful way.  Jim is a solid individual, a natural leader and a true warrior...  I am proud to call Jim my friend." ~ Ed White, San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame and Minnesota Vikings 50 Greatest Vikings

Semestre de Management Interculturel (SMI), French International Student Cohort at the American Language Institute (ALI), San Diego State University

"As a French student in San Diego, I had the opportunity to meet Jim E Warne, and to watch his movie "7th Generation". First, I was really impressed by the person, he offered us a very interesting presentation of his nation's history, their culture, and talked to us very openly about the horrible things his ancestors lived. It was very interesting to know more about his vision of the history, a lot of lessons have to be learned from this man and his movie, how Native Americans see the future, and want the best for the "7th generation".  

"A true message of hope and peace that anyone in the world can take as an example." ~ Loïc BENEYTO, Semestre de Management Interculturel (SMI)


"As French students at the San Diego State University, we were lucky to receive the testimony of Mr. Jim Warne on his own story and the mission he leads towards the Native American population in the United States. His movie « 7th Generation » revealed for us the form of a documentary, highlighting a story often misunderstood for us as Europeans. A mix between humanity, emotion and solidarity." ~ Maxime GARCIA – Andy ROUSSEAUX, Semestre de Management Interculturel (SMI)

"I would like to be thankful about Jim E. Warne's documentary "7th Generation".  As a French student from Paris I was surprised how one person can explain very well what happened in the past with his heart. I want to affirm again that I could feel the heart in his words.  Moreover I was shocked by my lack of knowledge about an important event as shown in the documentary. With this lesson of life, humanism, equality I recommend to listen really carefully this messenger of peace." ~ Alexandre PUTNIK, Semestre de Management Interculturel (SMI)

Please go to the PRESS Link (below) for Articles about "7th Generation" and Jim Warne.
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