WSD Productions Presents "Remember the Children"

    Honoring the missing children of the Rapid City Indian Boarding School

Our Children Will Not Be Forgotten…

“There were over 400 US government funded and often church run, Indian Boarding Schools.  Thousands of children died of abuse and neglect at these schools, most of them left in unmarked graves and forgotten.                           

This is our story…  The Rapid City Indian Boarding School”

Warrior Society Development, LLC & WSD Productions

An Arlo "Mni" Iron Cloud Film  

Executive Producer Jim Warne 

Production Manager  Bobbie Koch 

Cinematography and Editor Randal Iverson  

Music Robert "Tree" Cody     

Music Direction Jim Warne 

Director Arlo "Mni" Iron Cloud 

This film is in honor of the Children…  Wópila

We are pleased to announce that we are an Official Selection at the Caorle Independent Film Festival Northern Italy September 20, 2022

Premiere July 30, 2022 at the Journey Museum Rapid City, South Dakota  5pm - 7pm. Get there early, seats will fill up fast!

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Remembering the Children Rapid City Indian Boarding School   The Children’s Memorial

Special thanks to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition (NABS)

Windrose Fund at the Common Counsel Foundation 

NOTE if you need to talk or access support for trauma contact:

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Special Thanks

To the Elders... the grandmothers... for keeping this story alive

The volunteers from Remembering the Children Wakȟáŋyeža Wičhákiksuyapi  The Children’s Memorial 

National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition (NNABS)

Funding provided by Windrose Fund at the Common Counsel  Foundation

Beverly Stabber Warne, Amy Sazue, Kibbie Brown, Eric Steven Zimmer, Violet Catches, Heather Dawn Thompson, Lafawn Janis, Stewart Huntington, Richard Two Bulls, Shaye Walker, Isabella Fridia, Kennedy Fridia, Devin Hernandez, Destiny Big Crow and the many community members that supported our film

"Remember the Children” addresses US Indian Boarding Schools. These stories have been kept alive through the elders, the grandmothers that never forgot. Through community advocacy, historians, volunteers and partners that want positive change…  the Children’s Memorial is now a reality.

Wópila to our community partners and organizations that have supported our film.

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In honor of our future generations of children...  You will not be forgotten...   CJ and Hazel, Jim Warne's Takojas...  Grandchildren (below)

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