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Warrior Society Development has provided services for a variety of clients including Educational Institutions , For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations, Corporations, City, State, Federal Governments and Tribal Nations.
WSD, LLC is proud to announce a partnership with University of South Dakota, Center for Disabilities (USDCD), Sanford School of Medicine.  Jim Warne is now Community Engagement Director and has written nearly one million in grants in 2017.  These grants helped to develop several programs for USDCD and Sinte Gleska University.  The Disability Awareness Training program was funded in September.  The new Tiospaye' Center at USDCD is now in development and will launch soon.  The new Sinte Gleska Disability Center was also funded in October.  We look forward to our new partnerships with Tribal Colleges and Disability Programs to expanded opportunities for underserved populations in the South Dakota region and nationwide.
University of South Dakota
Center for Disabilities, Sanford School of Medicine

WSD, LLC was contracted to provide administrative services for University of South Dakota (USD). As a result of grant development, Jim Warne will serve as Community Engagement Director for University of South Dakota (USD), Center for Disabilities at the Sanford School of Medicine.  Jim wrote several grants for USDCD and Since Gleska University to establish new partnerships for Tribal Colleges and Universities.  Jim is looking forward to outreach underserved populations, develop new curriculum and continue to create new programs for the USD Center for Disabilities.  


WSD will also provide consultation for new grants and program development for USD Center for Disabilities to better serve people with disabilities in a multitude of focus areas with significant need.     

Guest Lecturer and UCSD Chancellor's Community Advisory Board

Jim Warne has a long running teaching and lecture series with University of California San Diego English Language Institute through Extended Studies.  Students are from Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa, Mexico and Canada. 


Jim Warne is also a member of the Chancellor's Community Advisory Board. 

Native Learning Center
Seminole Tribes of Florida Continuing Education Program


WSD, LLC has been contracted to provide education and keynote services for the Native Learning Center continuing education program administered by the Seminole Tribes of Florida.  WSD provided keynote and motivational speeches for the 5th Annual NLC Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  


WSD will also present on accessible housing for elders and people with disabilities.  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides assurance of access and compliance for housing and public buildings.  Access and inclusion will be addressed for Housing and Urban Development programs.

Social Security Administration's Ticket-to-Work Program


MAXIMUS is an organization that administers various federal programs including Ticket-to-Work.  The idea to bring in WSD, LLC was to outreach to American Indian and Alaska Native populations to develop Tribally administered Employment Networks.  The different cultures administering Employment Networks partnering together to rebuild the people with disability workforce is essential. WSD has the privilege to work alongside some of SSA's most talented and committed individuals to come up with specialized outreach. The result: a stunning website increased awareness and a successful organization which continues to grow and develop Employment Network opportunities for SSA beneficiaries that want to work.

Native Wellness Institute's Athletic Academy
WSD, LLC and NWI Partnership


Native Wellness Institute is a non-profit organization based in Portland, OR. The dream was to bring two different programs that want to rebuild opportunities for Native youth. Our partnership has the privilege to work alongside some of Indian Country's most talented youth. The result: an enjoyable and hard working Athletic Academy, NIKE N7 Sports Summit, Wellness and Success for Native Youth, and sponsored sports and life skills camps for Native youth.

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