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Warrior Society Development, LLC Consulting & Production Services


Jim Warne is Founder and President of Warrior Society Development, LLC. Jim incorporates Traditional Philosophies in his daily life. "Many think of a warrior only in physical terms, but a true warrior is a protector, guardian, educator and advocate guided through integrity."  He shares models for success through experience in collegiate and professional football, acting in TV shows and feature films, producing and writing documentary films, college educator, administrator, motivational speaker, coach, business owner and entrepreneur.


Jim was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals and often jokes about his professional football experience, "Many have heard of the professional 'journeyman', I consider myself a pro football 'refugee'.  I had to play in three leagues!" and "the NFL stands for 'Not For Long' in my case it was 'Not For this Lakota".  Although his professional career was short, athletics played a significant role in Jim's life, including commitment to excellence. "Athletic scholarships led to my college degrees and a professional life filled with options, choice, impact and balance...". Jim's professional football experience has led to many other opportunities.


Look for his award winning documentary, "7th Generation" that Jim produced and wrote based on his lectures and keynote presentations.  Also look for Emmy nominated "Oyate` un Ito`wapi - Pictures of my People".  See WSD Productions.

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